For Your Appointment

What to bring...

  • A list of medications (including eye drops and supplements) that the patient already uses

  • Glasses and optical prescription (if available) used by the patient

  • Insurance cards

  • A form of ID

In addition, please bring anything that your child enjoys to make them comfortable and relaxed. Though we have a few toys and distractions in the office, we find that children are most comfortable with things familiar to them.


What to expect...

The first new patient appointment usually varies from an hour to two. Then, other established appointments can vary from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on whether or not your child requires dilation. Although we try our hardest to maintain flow in our office appointments, there are times when we get backed up. We do our best to inform patients and families of any delays.


After the appointment...

Depending on the type of drops used and how much was actually absorbed into the eyes, your child's eyes will stay dilated for 6 hours to 2 weeks. You may always ask which type of drops were used and we can let you know how long you can expect them to affect the eyes. The most common drop(s) we use in the office usually lasts for 6 hours. Near vision and photosensitivity are most affected and patients may complain that things are blurry or that they cannot see.

Didn't receive your New Patient Registration Form?

Please print off the document by pressing the word icon to the left, and bring it completed to your first appointment. Otherwise, make sure to arrive 5-10 minutes early to fill out the form. Thank you!

For new patients only: